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Fine Artists, Designers, Architects, FINALLY-
A comprehensive guide to Perspective Drawing, Available as an ebook!

Perspective Drawing is the Greatest thing since Ice Cream!
  It is a learned skill. Practice it.... Put it to use.... It's Easy!  

David Opheim taught perspective drawing for almost 40 years. In all that time he was never able to find a comprehensive textbook that worked. He solved this by writing a supplement in syllabus form. This book evolved out of a course syllabus taught at California State University Long Beach beginning in 1968 and has been updated continuously since that time. The syllabus eventually grew until it became the text. It is now a comprehensive look at the many approaches used today including shadow, reflections, rotations, surface development, and other methods that will give you accurate and fast solutions. Perspective, the most common method of depicting three dimensional forms realistically, is critical to any artist or designer.

"Students often encouraged  to produce this syllabus in book form. I thank them for their encouragement, and it is to them, that I dedicate this book. I am now able to offer it to all students who are studying Perspective Drawing and to all instructors and professors who are teaching perspective drawing. " ~David Opheim 

A Perspective Drawing Book for Classrooms and Artist's Libraries.

Perspective Drawing, Point of View by David Opheim

179 pages of Perspective Drawing guidance
Available as an E-Book



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