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About the Book
Point of View: A Study in Perspective Drawing
By David C. Opheim

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Perspective Drawing is the most common methodof depicting three dimensional forms realistically. Perspective Drawing is found in all types of printed matter. It is used widely in the professional areas: Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Commercial Art, Graphic & Environmental Design. In all instances drawings depicting ideas or real objects are communicated to a wide variety of viewers.

Perspective Drawing has been with us for a long time.15th Century painters used aerial perspective by incorporating a gradual change of intensity of colors and light. Adding overlap and a single vanishing point gave the illusion of objects gradually getting smaller as they went farther away. Two and three point perspective brought about new possibilities as it became necessary to show what objects and buildings would look like before they were manufactured or constructed. Designers then began to find better ways to develop their perspectives that would use less construction - resulting in faster solutions. Also, new tools such as ellipse guides and perspective grids have been introduced to help quicken this process.

A good textbook is needed to understand Perspective! There have been several good textbooks which have each made a contribution to help us understand these processes. Unfortunately, they are now out of print.

The intent of this text is to give a comprehensive look at most of the approaches used today including

  • shadow
  • reflections
  • rotations
  • surface development
  • methods that will give you accurate and fast solutions.

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