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David Opheim
David Opheim instructor of drawing sketch shadow reflections perspective drawing

About Writing This Book, In David's Words...

"My greatest challenge was to make the subject matter appealing to people with different interests and needs. Therefore, I have tried to make the examples very basic, so that they will relate to whatever your area of interest might be. I have also struggled with how technical it needs to be. What looks simple to some might seem to complex to others. So, I have kept the complexity to a minimum. It may not always be necessary to understand the underlying structure of some methods, if you are able to apply it. If you feel burdened by them, skip those sections and concentrate on the short-cuts. The structure is there though, for reference and background. The short-cuts will work without deeper understanding. It is like using a computer without knowing what actually makes it work. Those who know the inner workings can do much more with it, but the computer will work for the novice, if the right buttons are pushed. And, in the beginning, a computer can be pretty scary too."


DESIGN- Over 40 years of professional life split between teaching college level design classes and working as an industrial designer where I designed for manufacturers of residential and contract furniture, site furniture, and manufacturing work stations, involving related graphic design, promotional material, advertising and catalogs.

TEACHING - Developed and taught the first perspective class at California State University Long Beach. Taught perspective drawing, design rendering and other basic design classes since1966 at several colleges and universities in Southern California including C.S.U.L.B., Chapman University, Orange Coast College and Art Center College of Design.

EDUCATION-  B.S. Degree in Industrial Design from C.S.U.L.,B..

INTERESTS - Computer art, drawing & painting, digital photography, collecting artifacts

AWARDS - Won first Meritorious Performance Award issued to a part-time instructor at C.S.U.L.B.  Has won several awards at local art shows recently winning "Best of Show" at the Mission Viejo Art Society.


Unfortunately David passed away but his book is still available online at Danburystreetpress.com. It is published by www.beyondthesidewalks.com

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